Value-Based Education

Empowering Young Minds with 21st-Century Skills

Blending International Curricula with Islamic
Values for Holistic Early and Primary Education

Sarah Ilyas

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Empower Your Child's Future with LEAD

Enrich learning with our UK-endorsed LEAD program, blending premium education and Islamic values for holistic development (Learning, Engagement, Assessment, Development).

Early Years Foundation

Spark your child’s curiosity with LEAD worksheets that combine foundational skills and Islamic values for a strong educational start.

Primary Learning Advancement

Strengthen your child’s educational journey with LEAD’s comprehensive worksheets, embedding core academics with Islamic ethics for primary excellence.

Explore the LEAD Program

Dive deep into our comprehensive learning approach!

Design and Structure

Discover LEAD's structured design, meticulously crafted to meet global educational benchmarks, integrating academic excellence with Islamic values for a well-rounded learning.

Interactive Worksheets

Engage with LEAD's interactive worksheets, designed to transform traditional learning with immersive experiences that foster critical thinking and values-based education.

Assessment and Feedback

LEAD emphasizes continuous assessment, offering constructive feedback to guide students towards academic mastery and personal growth, aligned with Islamic principles.

Interactive LMS

LEAD's Learning Management System offers a personalized, user-friendly platform for students to navigate their educational paths and track their progress.

Dedicated Professionals

Our dedicated professionals are committed to creating innovative LEAD content, ensuring that each child receives a quality education enriched with Islamic values.

Supporting Learning

LEAD supports and enhances classroom learning, aligning with international standards and enriching education with Islamic values for a comprehensive learning journey.

Do You Want to Transform Your Child's Education?

Empower your child’s learning with LEAD, an enrichment program that seamlessly integrates with global curricula, enriching education with Islamic values.

Quality Assured by
Edupro UK

Our commitment to excellence

We are proud to announce that our LEAD program is accredited by Edupro UK, a testament to our high-quality educational resources. This endorsement underlines our commitment to delivering an exceptional learning experience that meets rigorous international standards.

Being recognized by such a prestigious body not only celebrates our dedication to educational excellence but also assures you, the parents and educators, of the impactful and value-driven learning journey we provide for our students.

Discover Our Engaging Worksheets

Unveil the joy of learning with a values-based approach

Explore our tailored LEAD worksheets, designed for young learners aged 3 to 11. Each worksheet is a blend of English and Math, woven seamlessly with Islamic values to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

For the Young Minds:
Engaging activities for ages 3-6, introducing basic concepts in a fun, interactive way.

Advancing Skills:
For ages 7-11, worksheets focus on deeper learning in English and Math, enriched with ethical insights. 

Our worksheets are more than just lessons; they are gateways to a world of knowledge and values.

Choose Your Learning Path

Select the perfect learning option for your child. Each path is crafted to provide flexible and enriching educational experiences, infused with Islamic values.

By Worksheet


Per Sheet

By Month


Per Month

By Year


Per Year

LEAD in Schools

Elevating Learning Beyond Boundaries

Emaan Inc.’s LEAD program is already transforming education in schools like Revival International School and Edu21. These institutions exemplify how LEAD can be adapted to enhance and complement different educational models.

Revival International School integrates LEAD as ‘The Revival Curriculum’. This school weaves Islamic values into all curricular aspects. Their focus on spiritual education, academic excellence, and holistic development echoes the LEAD philosophy​​​​​​​​.

Edu21: The 21st Century School focuses on project-based learning. Edu21 aligns perfectly with LEAD’s interactive and experiential learning approach. Their emphasis on modern education, technology, and hands-on problem-solving is in harmony with LEAD’s educational principles​​​​.

Discover how LEAD can revolutionize learning in your school, aligning with national curricula and enhancing it with value-based education.

Quality Education, Endorsed by Experts

Here's why this matters:

Commitment to Excellence:
Our program embodies Edupro’s principles of integrity and compliance, guaranteeing a learning experience that’s both ethical and effective.
Validated Learning Journey:
LEAD aligns with UK standards, meeting learners’ needs and ensuring global recognition.
Reliable Assessment and Recognition:
Our rigorous assessment and certification process, overseen by Edupro, upholds quality, reflected in our LEAD content.